Making better decisions through richer data and smarter analytics with AI​

Unlock unprecedented insights and predictions with a methodical AI assistant at your side


AI Zwei guides you to

  • Discover the why

    Uncover hidden insights from extensive data to identify critical factors impacting your business metrics.

  • Optimize your choice

    Use predictive AI to simulate various scenarios and optimise your decision with data-backed insights.

  • Enrich your knowledge

    Streamline the exploration of new data sources in a library of industry-specific connectors and use cases.

Why AI Zwei​

Difference from ChatGPT & Co.​

Our AI assistant is tailored for data analytics and predictive insights for distinct industries.

No hallucination

The assistant follows a rigorous data analytics framework leaving no room for error​

Industry expertise

The assistant is equipped with industry-specific data and use cases to deliver immediate value​

AI infrastructure

Scalable cloud infrastructure ensures robust analytics and model training without timeout error

Uncompromised privacy and security

Client data is never utilized for training foundational models nor shared with third parties​


I’m interested in trying AI Zwei but don’t have a specific use case in mind. What should I do?​

If you’re interested in exploring specific possibilities or need guidance, our team of data scientists and AI experts is here to help. They can suggest potential use cases based on your industry and unique business needs.​

Can this tool integrate with our existing data sources and platforms? ​

Absolutely, our tool is designed for seamless integration with a wide range of existing data sources including databases, cloud storage services, CRM systems, marketing platforms, and more. This integration not only streamlines your workflows but also enhances data accessibility and analytics, enabling you to derive insights more efficiently and make informed decisions faster.​

What if I don’t have enough data or clean data?​

Our team of data scientists is available to guide you through the process of data preparation and optimization. They can offer advice on best practices for data collection, cleaning, and enhancement to ensure your projects are built on a solid foundation.​
AI Zwei supports integration with external data sources, providing access to a broader range of data that can complement your existing datasets and enrich your analyses.​

How do you handle data security?​

We prioritize data security by strictly adhering to ISO 27001 standards and GDPR regulations. To ensure the utmost privacy and security for our clients, we allocate a dedicated private cloud ecosystem for each client to securely store their data and predictive models. This approach guarantees that each client’s information is managed in a secure, isolated environment, providing peace of mind and safeguarding against unauthorized access or data breaches.

How reliable and accurate are the predictions generated by the solution, particularly in complex business scenarios?​

Our AI models are uniquely trained on each client’s own data, ensuring that the insights and forecasts are highly tailored and relevant to their specific business context.​

Our methodology includes advanced machine learning techniques and rigorous validation strategies to optimize prediction accuracy. We employ practices like cross-validation to assess model performance and utilize techniques such as feature engineering and hyperparameter tuning to refine the models further based on your unique datasets.​

We understand the critical role of data quality in predictive accuracy. As such, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that their data is well-prepared and representative of the business scenarios they face.

Can I start with a pilot?​

Absolutely, we work with you to define a specific pilot use case to demonstrate ROI within weeks. You and team can gain hands-on experience and better understand how AI can benefit your organization without committing significant resources upfront.

Start today​

Let us help you with a smooth sail into Predictive AI

With AI Zwei, you don’t need high upfront investment into AI infrastructure or big team of data scientist and machine learning engineer. We work as your ad-hoc AI support alongside you to build your first AI application and prove your Return on Investment in weeks.​

Quick return on investment

Demonstrating business impact

Full support from experts